Pacifiers and daycares go together like soggy puzzle pieces… they’re always questionable.

We have heard arguments on either side of the issue when it comes to the policies that daycares have against pacifiers. It’s becoming more and more popular among daycares to push parents towards weaning their kid before or soon after enrolling into daycare.

Many parents are thrilled that their daycare is willing to be a part of the weaning process, especially since children are in their care during the day! What could be easier! 

However, other parents are hesitant, knowing how overwhelming the weaning process can be and how disruptive it might be for other children at the daycare. They worry that the daycare providers won’t take it as seriously as mom and dad do. 

When researching the topic, we came across tons of stories about children, pacifiers, and daycares. Some were great to read, others, not so much. Everything from “my daycare provider helped us wean and it was great!” to “when we picked up our baby today, he had a pacifier in his mouth after we specifically explained that we are weaning, but the worst part was IT WASN’T HIS PACIFIER!”  Yikes.

We asked one local daycare owner her standpoint on the pacifier issue and she said, “Although I see the benefits of a pacifier, one purpose of daycare is to develop the children’s social skills. That is much easier when they are free to babble and play without the distraction of a pacifier. And, in addition to that, we don’t have to worry about pacifiers falling out and wondering whether or not it has been washed.  So from my viewpoint, weaning off a pacifier is kind of a win/win for both the parents and my staff.” 


If you have questions about sending your child to daycare with a pacifier, the best course of action is to ask the daycare provider directly.