Back to School! Back to Routine!

As a parent, the first day of school can be a bittersweet cocktail of emotions. On one hand… “FINALLY!!! THEY’RE OUT OF MY HAIR FOR A FEW HOURS!” And on the other… “My babies are growing up so fast, they aren't going to need me as much anymore” :( We get it. But the easiest way to make this transition smooth and as painless as possible is to find a routine and stick to it! 

All summer long, your kids have been able to sleep in, have fun, and BE KIDS! But when school starts, the earlier bedtimes, earlier mornings, and constant rushing around to get everything done before that bus leaves, with or without you, can cause total mayhem! Not to mention the hassle it is to get your kids to share how their day was when they come home. Is it too much to ask for a little conversation!? 

We’ve compiled a list of “Top 5” suggestions from some of out favorite mommy bloggers, and Dr. D’Alesio herself, on how to help make your school week more enjoyable! 

  1. Prep the night before! Sunday nights can be lazy, so you can use that extra time to pack lunches, pick out outfits, or prep breakfasts in between finishing that last bit of homework that’s due Monday morning! 
  2. Have a morning and afternoon checklist that is easy for your kids to follow on their own. By keeping a routine, you can be better organized and more efficient to make your mornings that much easier. Example: Morning
    1. Bathroom: brush teeth and hair! 7:00
    2. Get dressed!
    3. Breakfast at 7:30 sharp!
    4. Backpack packed? Homework? Projects? Lunch?
    5. Catch that bus! 8:15
  3.   As well as a daily checklist, have a weekly calendar that spells out the various projects, due dates, field trips, meetings, and practices that are coming up. By being able to visualize what your week looks like, you can better manage your time and keep track of everyone’s schedules! 
  4. Parents! Use your newly kid free day to organize yourself! Tackle some of those projects you've been meaning to get to, but never really had the time. OR RELAX! That's right. We said it. It won’t hurt you to take “me time” for a change! It might do you some good!
  5. If you struggle with getting your kids to share their day with you, try the “Rose and Thorn” method like Dr. D’Alesio, inventor of Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System, does with her four girls! You ask your child the best part of their day (rose) and the worst part (thorn) to start the conversation. 

Whether you’re walking your youngest to their first day of preK or watching your oldest drive away to start their senior year of high school, knowing they’re growing up can definitely put a lump in your throat, but that's the result of being the amazing parent you are.