Monkey See, Monkey Do

Can I cut my own pacifiers and create my own DIY version of the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System?

Sure, anything is possible, BUT there really are some things we think you should know.   So here are some important tips and precautions before you should even consider cutting your baby’s pacifiers.

Safety is the number one reason Dr. D’Alesio (a mom, pediatric dentist, and the inventor of the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System) and many dentists everywhere advise against cutting a pacifier for any reason.

The CPSC (United States Consumer Product Safety Commission) has implemented very strict requirements to ensure our children are not at risk when using a pacifier, and once the nipple on a pacifier is cut, the pacifier is no longer guaranteed to meet the safety requirements that it did originally.  The “pull” and “tear” tests are of particular concern, as these tests measure the durability of the nipple and ensure the child will not choke due to any part of the pacifier coming apart.  Typically the nipple is not constructed thick enough to pass these tests after it is cut because the nipple was never designed to be cut.  The nipples on the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System are designed with thicker walls, to exceed the CPSC testing requirements.

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Smoothness is another reason to leave the guess work to us.  When parents try to cut pacifiers themselves, they often end up with jagged edges, which sometimes are uncomfortable for children, and the smaller pieces can break off creating choking hazards. Also, doctors don't recommend doing it yourself because of the hygiene, or rather, lack of. When you cut into the plastic and rubber nipple, you'd probably be doing it with your everyday scissors…think of the germs! All those germs will find homes in the compromised pacifier you create when trying to cut it yourself. These germs can fester bacteria inside the nipple which can lead to bad times. 

Weaning success is the final reason why we don’t recommend doing this at home.  Cutting too much or too little can result in an unhappy child, which in turn can make the weaning process difficult for all involved.  As a pediatric dentist, Dr. D’Alesio understands first-hand how every millimeter in the mouth counts and realizes that even a small measurement mistake can make a child very uncomfortable.   

According to Dr. D’Alesio, “Dentists love the Lily Method Pacifier Weaning System because now there is a safe and totally effective way to wean children off their pacifier that they are comfortable recommending to parents.”