You Know You're a Parent When...

It’s the most stressful, demanding and tiring job out there but also the most rewarding and satisfying. That’s right- parenting! There are some things you will never fully understand until you have kids of your own. In honor of National Parents Day, enjoy a compilation of memes that any parent can relate to!

A clean house? Not anytime soon - at least until your kids are old enough to move out!

Your children can’t hear you when you ask them to clean their rooms, but as soon as you go to unwrap a candy bar (your 2 minutes of happiness), they miraculously have flawless listening skills!

Just when you think you have five minutes of "me" time- nope you’re wrong.. you’re wrong every time.

You would literally do anything to have some peace and quiet for however long (or short) that may be.

No more looking forward to the weekend. You have responsibilities 24 hours a day seven days a week now.