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"Our first daughter was extremely attached to her pacifier, but when the dentist said it was starting to shift her teeth, we knew it was time to give it up. We wanted an effective, yet gentle way to help her move on. Dr. Alene D'Alesio's product was great because it eased the transition from sucking on the pacifier, to just holding it, to finally not needing it anymore. By the time we got to the last phase, she had realized on her own that she no longer had a need for it. It was amazing, no tears, no made up stories, just results! We love this product & can't wait to use it with our son!!"

- Aimee DeCariaa  | St. Augustine, FL

"Not only did Dr. Alene D’Alesio’s method work, it worked within two days and we never looked back! I would highly recommend her process to any parent that is looking for a way to gently and effectively remove the pacifier!" 

- Angela Blankenship | Westfield NJ

"As a practicing family dentist, I have been presented with the issue of pacifier overuse for 13 years on a professional and personal basis. I had the good fortune of utilizing Dr. Alene D'Alesio's prototype with my two sons. It worked seamlessly within a few days and my house is "binky free"! I would confidently recommend this product to patients, family, and friends."

Dr. Nicole D. Chenet | Diplomate of The American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine SADC, Sleep Apnea Dental Center of Pittsburgh Chenet Cosmetic, Orthodontic and Family Dentistry